A couple of new commissions recently completed


Here are a couple of commissioned drawings that I recently completed. It’s been quite a while since I had time to work on some commissions but those familiar black labs that are so common around Missoula have made their reappearance. These two dogs were owned by the same family, Kodak (the first dog) is owned by the mom and Oak (the second) by the daughter. They are a wonderful family and were so understanding about the long delay in getting the drawings completed.

I should hopefully be delivering them sometime this week and am eager to see their reactions to the completed drawings. My wife is doing the framing and is putting her well-developed skills to the test with these two pieces.

I used two different papers for these commissions, the first was done on Canson’s wonderful Artboards (bristol plate version) and the second was on my tried and true Strathmore 400 Series Bristol Smooth. Both dogs are around 7.5″ x 10″ on the page.