Drawings Repository – People

The final installment of drawings focuses on people; historic and otherwise.


Arts & Crafts Style Cabinet


Were were in need of a storage cabinet for my daughter to use in the reading room to store her art supplies and other odds and ends. I designed a small cabinet to fit with our current Arts & Crafts themed study.



Work for me invariably begins in my sketchbook, sometimes making a stop in SketchUp but sometimes for simple one-off projects, straight to the tools. In this case, I am using the dimension from the sketchbook to ensure I am placing the mortises in the correct locations in the side rails.


Once the components are cut, the dry fit takes place to ensure things are correct.

I love traditional joinery and I try to use mortise and tenon and dovetails in all of my pieces. Sometimes I can’t because of cost or material constraints, but these traditional joints ensure a lifetime of use.

The top, doors, and drawers are where the real time lies in these types of projects.

The piece is finished with shellac for the main carcass and drawers with polyurethane for the top to avoid rings and damage from wet glasses.

Overall, a fairly quick cabinet that will serve its purpose for many years to come.

Magazine Tables


My grandmother used one of these style magazine tables as long as I knew her. She used it every day and sat her coffee and crossword puzzle on it as well as a tiny Christmas tree during the holidays. It was passed down to my father and I inherited it upon my Mom downsizing to move into her apartment. Needless to say, it was a perfect project for me to take on in the hopes of passing on a few of these to my family.


The original table on the left and the reproduction on the right.

The work began with creating a template for the sides and for the profiles of theĀ  magazine racks.

I used a router and template guide to trace the main shapes and refined the pieces with rasps and sandpaper to get a reasonable finish in the tighter curves.

Production runs like there are best done with very precise steps with minimal fussing about. The time you spend properly setting up is multiplied by each piece you are working on, so taking the time to do it right is essential. Very different from my usual one-off production I usually work on.

Glue up and finishing were fairly straightforward for the four tables.


Grandfather surrounded by grandchildren.

It was a fun project and one I really enjoyed.


Drawings Repository – Landscapes

The penultimate installment of drawings from my website. These are a catchall category of images mostly involving the icons and landscapes of Montana (except for the barn which was located in the Tetons in Wyoming.


TV Stand

20180622_091723We have needed a new TV stand for our living room, even though we don’t have cable and only use it to watch the occasional movie, it was getting pretty cluttered so we needed a better solution.

I started the same old way, developing an idea in my sketchbook and then transferring it to SketchUp to figure out the lumber required to build it.

TV stand V2

SketchUp design of the new cabinet. I changed my mind and went with plywood panels for the doors to help hide the clutter.

I opted for a plywood carcass with solid wood doors, drawers, and top. So the first step was creating the carcass.


Dry fit of the carcass components.


The drawer guides were set into dados in the side panels to help create some strength.


The dovetailed drawers are being fit into their openings.


The finish is applied. I opted for a very light dye in the shellac and a water-based acrylic finish for the top.


The completed TV stand installed.

Drawings Repository – Birds

Continuing my uploading of my drawings with the Birds.